Workplace Health : Investing In A Health Wellness Program

What employee wellness programs do hospitals offer?

Nearly all hospitals offer some type of health wellness program to their personnel. These programs are often more robust and easier to access in a hospital rather than any other place of work.

Since hospitals have the technology and equipment available to promote wellness, their employees have great health promotion programs to participate in.

Most hospitals provide their eligible workers with free basic preventive and diagnostic care. Many of the sum hospitals reporting in a corporate health promotion survey cited these screenings as a large part of their health promotion program.

Hospitals often offer free or almost free flu shots, vaccinations, blood pressure (BP) screenings, and mammograms for women, prostate blood screenings for men and diet and nutrition courses to their staff.

These medical procedures that would normally cost someone hundreds when not thousands of dollars to receive are free or discounted through their business. This is one big advantage to working in a hospital.

Why do hospitals go to excellent lengths to implement such extensive wellness programs? They do so for a few reasons. First, like all businesses, hospital administrators recognize the importance of healthful workers.

Not only do healthful workforce work harder but they cost less too. Secondly, hospitals have access to the medical equipment necessary to offer such a comprehensive health promotion program. It does not cost them almost as much money as an typical corporation to pay for blood draws and vaccinations.

It is extremelyimportant that hospitals have healthful workers. Individuals who work in patient care need to stay healthful for the safety of their patients. This is particularly important in units like Intensive Care and Labor and Delivery.

The workers also need to be protected by being up to date on their vaccinations and safeguarding themselves against the many diseases brought into the worksite by their patients. A hospital with an staff member health wellness program is most definitely a safer one.