AHA & ACC Shocker

Today I read some shocking news that makes me look so foolish.

When I was a drug company product manager for cardiovascular drugs, I used to look up to the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology for their sound recommendations. I used to take these recommendations and churn out promotional material to educate doctors to push my drugs to their patients. And it wasn't just me doing this, but every drug company's cardiovascular drug product managers all over the world.

A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association has now revealed that most of the recommendations of these two august (formerly august for me) were merely based on anecdotes. This study analyzed 20 years of recommendations from these bodies and rated them as follows:

A - if there was strong research
B - moderate;y strong research
C - no real supporting reserach but anecdotal only.

In 20 years 2,711 recommendations were published by these groups and only 12% were A grade. 48% (1,246) were C class. Actually anecdotal based recommendations should have got an F.

These are the hypocrites who denounce and deride natural and alternative health interventions because they are supposedly of anecdotal origin. I'm now hurt that they didn't include my granny's traditional heart-healthy cuisine in their recommendations.

So the question is what made these two associations make recommendations based on unsubstantiated results? Simple economics, really. Rather, it should be personal economic reasons - to fatten the doctors' wallets and purses (I'm not a male chauvinist). It's the drug companies that lobby these associations to formulate recommendations. I know because I too have been guilty of creating guidelines with the medical bodies in the country I used to work in.

The irony of the whole matter for me is that Merck in the mid 1990s, came up with the slogan, "Evidence Based Medicine", meaning that their drugs have undergone rigorous testing and their recommendations are based on these robust data. I modified this slogan into "Evidence Based Vaccinology" and ran with it while I was the Director of Sales and Marketing with sanofi pasteur (the vaccines division of sanofi-aventis).

I wonder if Merck and gang ever educated the AHA and ACC of this evidence based concept? And how many of Merck's drugs that appeared in the AHA's and ACC's recommendations are A grade studies? Recall the recommendations for Zocor, Cozaar and Hyzaar.

So now, the people we placed our trust in are themselves wolves in sheep's clothing. What next?

Back to basics. Avoid disease and cure disease naturally. And by that I mean practicing the 5 Power Health Factors.

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